Welcome to the homepage of the nonprofit association” Altweltkamele. e.V”.

We are a non-profit organization that was founded in Germany in 2009.
Our members are camel owners, zookeepers, veterinarians and camel owning companies from Germany and Europe.

The goal of this association is the animal welfare of bactrian camels and dromedaries. We mainly pursue the following purposes:

1. animal welfare for camels outside of Asia and Africa
2. optimal medical care for camels outside of Asia and Africa
3. avoidance of inbreeding in Europe by descent detection and creating paternity testing
4. protecting the wild camel from extinction

Our work primarily consists of acquiring and publishing knowledge of camels. Imparting this knowledge should permit the humane treatment and healthy keeping for animals in Europe.

We appreciate your interest in our website and we would be pleased to welcome you as a member of our association.